Companies who have opted to manage their own I.T. services do not always have the necessary technology specialists. Bitcraft can assist with most IT service & support functions. We can offer some of the outsourcing package component services for customers to pick and mix. These are discussed on a customer by customer basis.

Systems Administration
Systems Administration is the routine day-to-day tasks that have to be performed to keep the users satisfied and the equipment fit and healthy. Examples installing software, maintaining the user environment, storage & network capacity management. There are a never ending stream of small jobs that have to be done to maintain an effective, efficient environment.

Bitcraft can monitor almost any piece of equipment that can be attached to a computer network. If the event of unauthorised behaviour the appropriate person is automatically sent a pager message, an SMS text message or an email. Monitoring thresholds can be set to allow discrimination between critical alerts and advisory alerts. For example someone may wish to be notified by email if a disk is 95% full but paged if it reaches 98%. As such, monitoring reduces the number of critical failures effecting production. Critical failures that do occur are reported quickly to the right person. Prime candidates for monitoring are network hardware, network links and servers (uptime, disk utilisation, processes & log files.)

Networks are at the heart of most computer and telephone systems. Without them, every day facilities like email, the web, telephones and video conferencing would not be possible. To share resources and communicate are essential in a competitive corporative environment. Bitcraft are able to design, install and maintain robust telephone and computer data network services.We also provide managed internet connectivity, including email gateways and the world wide web access and hosting. Our managed service includes network security using firewalls and virus scanning software.

Archiving Data
Loosing data and not having up-to-date backups to restore from could be a genuine nightmare! Apart from total panic, the loss of reputation, loss of revenue, loss of management control and the loss of the business’ strategic competitive advantage are all at stake! Data can be lost due to equipment failure, viruses, the loss of a building (fire) or simply deleted in error.

Therefore every disaster recovery plan should include a data archive solution. An effective backup system could save the company in the event of disaster. It is an insurance policy and the cost of a backup solution is the premium. Bitcraft can analyse what you consider important data and our technical staff will ensure that regular back ups are executed and stored safely for your peace of mind. Bitcraft also can  assist in your disaster recovery plan (See Consulting.)

Capacity Planning
System Administrators can observe the utilisation of resourses and log the rates of change. Combining this information with the strategic direction of the company, one can budget for future I. T. expenditure and equipment requirements.